Programmed Intelligence

i wanna be more active on here im soorryu i kinda left i was busy with school and shit

i w ant to start using my chiaki rp account more„, im gonna get on it now


hello!! this is a new dangan ronpa rp directory thing!! 

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Hello~! If your a Dangan Ronpa/Super Dangan Ronpa 2 RP Blog or just an RP Blog in general can you reblog this? I’ll most likely follow.

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"Woah! There is a lot of you today! What are your names?"


{ i got lazy on this one gome n uvu}

"A-ah— m, my name is Mikan Tsumiki…wh, whawa—?!"


"…wh, who are you…? W-why are you in a computer…?"

"I’m alter ego! A program made by Chihiro Fujisaki! Its very nice to meet you, Tsumiki-san!"

"I-I’m very sorry if I startled you..! It seems to happen a lot.."

hi everyone im back


can u please like this post if i owe you a reply?? ive been really busy lately and i want to do some replies

// psssst, only the first five things you tag show up in the actual tag--so welcome starters should be at five people each or half of them won't even get it

{ohh shit thank you for letting me know!! uvu;;}

i didn’t expect my alter ego post to get 165 notes what the h*ck


i cant fucking believe this